• What Are the 4 Types of Amnesia?

    Are you or a loved one experiencing memory loss? Maybe you’re having trouble recalling someone’s name or remembering events from your past, or you keep forgetting about plans you previously made. Perhaps you’re even misremembering something that previously occurred because your brain made a mistake when filling in the details. If any of this sounds familiar, you might have what’s known as amnesia.

    Amnesia can be classified as either retrograde amnesia (which occurs when someone can’t remember things that happened prior to when they developed amnesia) or anterograde amnesia (which occurs when someone can recall memories from before developing amnesia but can’t form new memories). From there, it can be divided into the following four types based on cause and duration:

    • Dissociative amnesia – This often occurs after experiencing abuse or another traumatic event, likely as the brain’s way of protecting itself.
    • Infantile amnesia – This involves memory loss from infancy. Almost everyone experiences this type of amnesia.
    • Post-traumatic amnesia – This occurs after someone sustains an injury.
    • Transient global amnesia – This involves both retrograde and anterograde amnesia but lasts only a short time (typically less than 24 hours).

    Amnesia Treatment Available Near You

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