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    Tamera Guenther MSW, LSW, LMSW

    To those that do not feel their life is a true reflection of who they are: you are my people.  This is due to my personal belief that we are born as our true selves, but life does not usually roll out any red carpets for that version of us.  It takes some serious work to learn how to undo all those patterns we learned to survive, but I lighten the mood with my fabulous wit so you can visit the darkness without feeling enveloped in it.   Our ability to connect is the most important part of our work together.

    My specialty is attachment-related trauma, which can stem from betrayal, narcissistic abuse and quite often, generational trauma.  This can lead to high conflict co-parenting and parental alienation, which is a developing specialty as well. 

    CBT and EMDR are the most widely known methods I use, but I find the most powerful is listening and letting people verbally process their life and then offering the psychoeducation that will give the insight as to how and why their patterns are no longer serving them. 

    The mind-body connection is another focus on my practice, as trauma is experienced and stored on multiple levels.  Polyvagal Theory is gaining traction, and I cannot wait to share with clients the amazing developments this new(ish) research has revealed to us in the trauma recovery field.  

    Please reach out for an intake and we can start your journey of learning to love life and we will laugh along the way.  

    Tamera is a LSW in PA and LMSW in DE

    Tamera is currently working towards her LCSW.

    Her supervisors

    Judith Fuhrman   CW018152  

    Tamera can see clients in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

    Tamera charges $100 per a session. 

    Please contact our office regarding questions about insurance or EAP. 

    Tamera can be reached directly at (484) 278-3999.

    If you would like to see Tamera for counseling, please contact her directly.  Tamera does not accept appointment requests on the online portal. 

    Tamera’s direct email address is [email protected]

     Tamera can see the following insurances and EAPs.

    Blue Cross 


    Health Advocate