• Affording Therapy

    The average therapist charges about $150.00 an hour.  The average person attends therapy once a week. However, it is not financially feasible to pay $600 a month for therapy for most individuals and families.  Most individuals utilize their insurance benefits through their employer or from the government to cover the cost of therapy.  However, some individuals, especially those that are receiving Medicare or Medicaid, struggle to find someone that takes their insurance. Additionally, many individuals have high deductible plans that require them to meet their deductible by paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket before their insurance covers the cost. Many individuals ask how they can get help when they cannot afford it. 


    There are many different options that do allow financially strapped people to get help.  The first option is applying for Medicaid or Medical Assistance.  There are many individuals that qualify for Medicaid that are not taking advantage of this program.  Medicaid is a program that allows lower income individuals and children with disabilities to get free medical care.  Many individuals do not apply for this program due to the stigma and the lack of knowledge. Many individuals automatically think that they won’t qualify because they are not poor enough.  However, individuals that have Medicaid have access to more resources than individuals without Medicaid.  The major problem that exists with Medicaid is that most providers do not accept Medicaid. Individuals that have Medicaid have a harder time finding a provider that accepts their insurance.  

    Individuals can also get access to free therapy by contacting their employer’s EAP program. Their employer’s EAP program allows them to have access to see a therapist for free for a few sessions. Many individuals do not use their employer’s EAP program due to concerns about confidentiality and lack of awareness. Many individuals are fearful that their employer will find out that they are in therapy even though the service is 100% confidential.  There are a few issues with EAP. The first issue is that EAP is really designed for short-term counseling. Most EAP benefits only cover a few sessions.  Second, most therapists do not accept EAP so individuals might have a harder time finding a provider that takes their EAP.  

    Individuals can also have access to reduced-cost therapy by asking the therapist or practice to see if they offer a sliding scale. However, some people cannot afford the therapist’s sliding scale. Some individuals can seek out community resources to help cover the cost of therapy such as youth groups, churches, synagogues, United Way organizations, county funding, and grants.  However, many individuals do not want charities paying for their therapy sessions due to issues related to confidentiality.  

    At Eagles Counseling, we make every effort to make counseling affordable for everyone. We do work with most insurances except for Medicare and Medicaid.  We do work with many EAPs. We do offer a sliding scale. Some individuals can come here for as low as $30 a session depending upon the provider. We do work with the local charities (with a release on file) to make therapy affordable to individuals that do not have the financial means to pay for therapy.